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Under Indiana Law, a habitual traffic violator is a person who has accumulated three major traffic violations within a ten year period. If the BMV finds you have accumulated these offenses, they will suspend you for 10 years. Also, if you have accumulated one

major traffic violation, and nine minor traffic violations within a ten year period, the BMV will suspend you for five years.

In the past, if you had been deemed a habitual traffic violator, and had continued to drive, the BMV (or a court that convicted you) could deem you to be a Lifetime Habitual Traffic Violator.

The Joley Law Firm has taken clients from being a habitual traffic violator for life, to being valid, multiple times.

Our goal is to get your license back, and get your life back.


If you are charged with an offense for operating after being a habitual traffic violator, we are the firm to not only fight for your life, but fight for your license.

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